This was, hands down, the best vacation of my life. This particular Maldivian adventure embodies the meaning of the word ‘vacation’. I believe that I have now experienced actual paradise. So many trips we take are wonderful in sections but fall short of what we originally expected. Hopefully this photographic journey will give you the wanderlust to visit the Maldives yourself. Why choose the Maldives?  The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean. The climate is tropical, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures around 86F°/ 30C° throughout the year. The Islands […]

I’ve been dating with Anna for a year and sudden paranoia struck me. I started wondering why is she with me? The question may sound stupid, but she’s 18 years younger than me. Sooner or later you’re going to have suspicions about that. I had no desire to lay bare before her, because she could have got offended if had I been wrong. Visiting shrink didn’t appeal to me at all. Thanks God, I found an article on casanovastyle com.

Almost all of my colleagues were Russians, so I learned and appreciated the Eastern European mentality both professionally and personally over the last few years. I always preferred women who value family traditions above all else. However, it took me three years until I realized that I want to see a Russian girl by my side. When the time came, I registered on loveinindia and started looking for that special someone.

Social Media has taken over our lives. We post, hashtag, follow and un-follow, tweet, re-tweet, pin and re-pin and get high on the feedback. Is this all about self worth? Do we need constant adoration to feel good about our lives? Are small snippets of information all we can absorb, have we, in fact, turned into ‘skimmers’?  Are we also skimming over our lives? Imagine an entire day with out any Social Media. Is your life any better living in a state of constant connection? Do you feel relief when […]

Bisevo Island is a quick stop for checking out the Blue Grotto, a fabulously illuminated cave that you enter from under the rock via your dinghy! Very exciting! We made the stop at Bisevo on the way to Stonica beach, Vis Island. Stoncica is a small cove, stunningly set in between two cliffs. The water here is turquoise and clear. Truly paradise. The approach to the Blue Grotto is dramatic, great photo op’s and a keen sense of adventure are part the Bisevo experience. You pay for the cave at the […]