Bisevo Island is a quick stop for checking out the Blue Grotto, a fabulously illuminated cave that you enter from under the rock via your dinghy! Very exciting! We made the stop at Bisevo on the way to Stonica beach, Vis Island. Stoncica is a small cove, stunningly set in between two cliffs. The water here is turquoise and clear. Truly paradise.

The approach to the Blue Grotto is dramatic, great photo op’s and a keen sense of adventure are part the Bisevo experience.

You pay for the cave at the entrance, bring Kuna they don’t take credit cards.

The approach is quite low, watch your head and other boats coming out.

The Grotto is illuminated from openings just below and at the water level, adding a surreal Salvidor Dali Blue glow to the cave and water. Not to be missed.

4 Grotto 2WM

After Bisevo the next stop was Stoncica Beach, an easy swim in to land from the boat. This would have been a great place to have water shoes, although this beach is beautiful it is stony–ouch…perhaps have someone in your party ‘dinghy in’ some towels! The best part of coming to the beach is the small beach shack here for lunch or just drinks.

In front of the ‘shack’ is a rough arbor with simple tables beneath it. The appearance is deceptive as this is actually an authentic Croatian organic restaurant run by the four Lincir brothers.   We didn’t know it but there is a wood-fired oven and charcoal grill here and they cook on a traditional peka, a cast-iron dome placed over coals, the lamb looked super. This is a very simple place and the bees can be a nuisance;  go sit on your towel if you have to… it’s a great foodie experience! We had to make do with a beer as we were already prepared to have lunch on the boat and were super jealous of the others eating there!

After sunbathing on the beach Luca our Captain waits for us to swim back to the boat so we can head out for another lunch spot!

We stopped at another gorgeous bay and have a salad and cocktails!

5 Keep lunch simpleWM

On to Vis!


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