Social Media has taken over our lives. We post, hashtag, follow and un-follow, tweet, re-tweet, pin and re-pin and get high on the feedback. Is this all about self worth? Do we need constant adoration to feel good about our lives?


Smythson Journals, La creme of Journals.
Remember the old black notebook, a worthy substitute!

Are small snippets of information all we can absorb, have we, in fact, turned into ‘skimmers’?  Are we also skimming over our lives? Imagine an entire day with out any Social Media. Is your life any better living in a state of constant connection? Do you feel relief when you finally put the phone own at the end of the day, many feel sleep is but a brief respite.

Instead why not try to reconnect yourself to you. Turn off the phone an hour early and go to bed. Every day write down your own life story. You read many books in a lifetime, one day you deserve to thumb through your own story. Happy or sad the entirety of it will be lost if you don’t record it. Not digitally, or in the cloud. Your life story needs to be tangible; somewhere you can see it each day, waiting for an addition or a re-read but never a re- edit. There is no need to cover up your feelings from the day before. You may have been venting or concocting a lie on paper, hoping to absolve yourself of responsibility. But it will be you. Moments of joy, irritation, frustrations and successes will be recorded, possibly for posterity.

A Journal can become the book of your life. You read hundreds of stories in your lifetime about other people. Why not write your own story? Writing down your daily doings can greatly reduce your stress level. Like telling someone a secret you weren’t supposed to tell, you’ve passed it on, suddenly you become lighter. Journaling is where you can let it all hang out, waiting for the moment when you are ready to read the story. You may never actually read the story, it may feel overwhelming, like hashing through thirty volumes of Ulysses. (!)

That was never the only point. Jotting it down is. Take a moment to relive your days, weeks and years. Take some time away from Social Media to look at your life, it will feel as mind bending as yoga! You will feel cleansed, pious, guilty. Thankfully there will be another chance to acknowledge that everyday brings a fresh start.


Mont Blanc fountain pen. Heaven to write with but a Bic will do!


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